Brewski Me

The Beer Drinking App

Brewski Me is the beer app of your wildest dreams. Discover, rate, and review beers, and see what your friends are drinking. Yes, Brewski Me has it all! But don't take our word for it:

"Best social beer app out there!"
- EliGCL

"I have been using Brewski Me for years and honestly can't imagine my life without it."
- Boooooohoo

"Worth every penny"
- icw70

"Crashed on first attempt and would not load"
- Dr. Technology (ed. note: We fixed this!)


Track Your Beers

Log every beer you drink so you never lose track. Was your 5th beer last night a Napa Smith or an AleSmith? The answer is at your fingertips! And when you're done drinking 'em, leave a rating and review. Never again will you accidentally drink a Chelada because you forgot what it tasted like the first time.


Don't drink alone, drink with friends! With Brewski Me you can check out your friends' favorite beers and make new beer buddies through the use of our patented beer app technology. It's very close to somewhat resembling magic!

Features? We got 'em.

Toss beers in your virtual Cellar to track what you have on hand, tag beers as Favorites, and put those elusive bottles and cans on your Wish List. In a less practical sense, you can also earn Award Caps for all sorts of silly stuff.